Job placement agency

Job placement agency

We provide temporary placement of an agency worker at his/her work post with an employer or in the form of an agreement to perform work. These agreements are made between the employer and the job placement agency.

Operational tasks, management and inspection of work of the employee are assigned to the managers of our service users. Yet the official employer of the employee remains the job placement agency, which pays them their salary. The user also may not make any legal claims against the employee on behalf of the job placement agency.

We provide the following services:

  • We have provided job placement services since 2014.
  • We built upon a long-term collaboration with our clients.
  • We operate across the whole country.
  • We provide a broad range of workers for you. We cover blue collar workers, service staff as well as management posts.

Benefits for employers

  • Fast recruitment of new employees during the era of higher production demands.
  • Solutions of seasonal variations.
  • Saving expenses for staff recruitment and processing the personnel and salary paperwork.

Benefits for employees

  • Large scale flexibility.
  • A chance to gain stable employment.
  • Gaining experiences in a given field.
  • The salary and working conditions on the same level as for a permanent company employee.

You can find the actually offered work posts in the section career.